This year I have started a project to draw through the Bible. It is an enormous task. One that will probably take me the rest of my life. I will not paint everything that I sketch, but this one is so like the things I have been painting that I had to try it.  Of … More DEFIANT


24X36 Mixed Media on cradled panel As you can see, I don’t take myself too seriously. I decided some time ago that I was finished with the social and political statements in my art.  I want to make you smile when you see these colorful, whimsical things that happen when I put brush to panel.  We … More EASTER BONNET


36×48 Mixed Media on cradled panel This is one of two paintings  from the drawings I did at the Symphony rehearsal and concert. The foxtrot, The Chairman Dances,  inspired me to paint this abstract. Both this painting and the Purple Velvet painting was in a show called Music To My Eyes.  SOLD


36X48 Mixed Media on cradled panel My love for color is growing more and more with each painting.  I hope all of you that visit my blog will get  a measure of joy because of the subjects and the vivid color.  Enjoy!!!